My main reason for choosing UWA was because it offered variety, and gave me the opportunity to try diverse fields of study while completing my chosen fields.

Through studying the past it will allow you to be an integral part of the process through which the memory of humanity itself begins to be constructed. A timeline is the most efficient way to keep track of these events. Quick details.

Every incident is influenced by preceding one, and so following the order of these events gives an accurate account of the past. Available. We’ll create a custom Essay on the Concept of Studying History specifically for you!

Take your first essay for 15% off. Albany (Regional campus) Perth (Crawley campus) Chronology is the primary focus of historians. Full-time Part-time.

It aids in identify the order in which the events that occurred. On-campus. A time-line helps in the division of the numbers of years that have occurred in a certain period of history which makes the findings more reliable and accurate. Semester 1, Semester 2. In the process of analyzing evidences from the course of a study on history, various research methods are employed. 12-15 hours of contact hours, and at least two times the amount of your own time for study. These include the search for and examination of primary and secondary sources.

Undergraduate. Primary sources are personal accounts of people who were present at or witnessed an incident. MJD-HISTY. They may be as documents written by those whom were among the initial witnesses to the occasion. (3 years (BA) 3 years (BA); 3 years (BA); (BPhil [Hons3 years BA; 4 years BPhil [Hons) Other official documents could also be used as evidence that is first-hand. Quick details.

Interviews and photos can be utilized as evidence primary in the case of the first-hand witness or participant in a historical incident. Available. Secondary sources However, secondary sources can be records or accounts that were created by individuals who didn’t take part in the events (Fernandez-Armesto 133/113).

Albany (Regional campus) Perth (Crawley campus) They include those whom were never directly affected or directly affected by the incidents. Full-time Part-time. Information from these sources is termed secondary information. On-campus. Yet, secondary sources depend in large part on primary sources.

Semester 1, Semester 2. They include documents such as biographies, histories and encyclopedias, just to mention just a few (Fernandez-Armesto 99). 12-15 contact hours plus at least two times the amount of your own time for study. Secondary sources provide historians with more options in their studies and assist in the consolidation of pertinent details.

Undergraduate. The credibility of the source is vital and historians have an obligation to make sure that each source utilized is trustworthy. MJD-HISTY. The reason behind this is that often, especially when using secondary sources, writers may be biased. (3 years (BA) 3 years (BA); 3 years (BA); (BPhil [Hons3 years BA; 4 years BPhil [Hons) Without reliable sources of information writers may write about events that they believe, to them they believe were significant, and then determine on their own who played a major role (Fernandez-Armesto 150). Master of Arts Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) This opens the door to biases and false accounts of an event. Katharine Worth. This is why it is the reason thorough background checks of the sources utilized is vital (Fernandez-Armesto 49).

Katharine Worth. Sources that are reliable provide historians with trustworthy information about a particular event however the opposite is the case for sources that are not verified and trustworthy. A major in History studying at UWA is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. This paper clearly defines the main tools used when investigating historical occasions. I can examine different fields and focus on areas that are interesting to me. The significance and reasons behind the past have been well stated in this article, including how a timeline can be used in order to follow the historical events that have were happening. This is enhanced by the possibility of being tutored by historians who are practicing.

Are you unsure whether you can write a piece on Concept of Studying History by yourself? We can help you with that for just $16.05 1$ per page. I chose to study the field of history because I am passionate about it.

The paper also discusses how two information sources can be used used when looking at historical events, and their various shortcomings as well as their efficiency. It has provided me with an possibility to investigate a broad array of topics that have expanded my understanding and made me think about the pre-existing theories. In the paper, the study of history offers an overview of the past that is crucial in knowing the present and in preparing for the next (Thompson and Holm 60).). It is an interesting subject since the past is always shifting, awaiting to see a fresh perspective and an opinion to transform the academic world. Works Referred to.

My main reason for choosing UWA was because it offered variety, and gave me the opportunity to try diverse fields of study while completing my chosen fields. Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe. One of my favorite aspects of attending UWA is the atmosphere that my studies take place both physically and academically.

The World: A History Combined Volume. In addition, the staff is helpful and welcoming. London, UK: Pearson, 2009. You might have an interest in one of these classes. Print. Study Abroad, Student Exchange & Study Abroad.

Thompson, James Westfall, and Bernard Holm. Eberhard-Karls University, Tubingen. A History of Historical Writing Beginning with the earliest days through the 17th century. Sungkyunkwan University. Michigan, US: University of Michigan in 2006.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Print. Study Abroad, Student Exchange & Study Abroad.

How Is History? Eberhard-Karls University, Tubingen. K. The Eberhard Karls Tubingen Universitat is among Europe’s most prestigious universities.

Kris Hirst is an archaeologist with over 30 years experience in field work. A hundred years of historical records in the humanities and sciences are recorded in this university. Her work has been published in scholarly journals such as Archaeology Online and Science. Nowadays, Tubingen remains a place of study and teaching. The study of history is the history of humanity as documented in do the written records left by humans.

Along with the 85,500 people living there of the city, there are 29,300 German or international undergraduates. The past, in the myriad of decisions and events, as well as participants who have passed away and the stories of history, is what the general public believes as the unchanging bedrock upon which archaeologists and historians are seated. About 4500 academics are employed at the seven faculties of the university.

As purveyors for the past, historians are aware that the bedrock is actually fastsand, that a few facets of every story remain not told, and that what has been said is shaped by the current conditions. The teaching on Tubingen University of Tubingen reflects the wide, inter-disciplinary scope in its academic research.

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